Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Harbor Island, Blue Crayfish, and Burgers

Wow, I sort of forgot I had this blog! I'll just pretend a year hasn't gone by and jump right in.

Yesterday Eth and I had a fun visit to Harbor Island. I took Ethan's picture since he's looking so cute, and we found a bunch of blue crayfish claws laying all around. We collected some and brought them home. The idea was to dry them out and do something crafty and interesting with them. Eth said that I should put them in the oven at a low temperature to dry them out, so I did. Now the cool blue claws have red patches on them. Oops! I so didn't mean to cook them! Now I'm not sure what to do with those claws.

After Harbor Island we went to the nearby Culver's for $1 Butterburgers. They were tasty; its been a long time since I had a real burger. Eth folded his wrapper into a bug.