Saturday, January 17, 2009

When Zombies Attack, I Will Hide Out Inside Target

The last two days I've been trying to make as much stuff as possible, but it turns out, that isn't much! I managed to finish six book bags yesterday, then two more tonight (four are now listed in my shop). I want an assistant!

I managed to get Ethan into the dollar section in the front of our Target store today, and we found all sorts of neat things! I got a dry-erase board ($2.50), a journal ($1.00), a hooky thing that hooks over the door that I can hang my wristlet purses on ($2.50), a pencil holder ($1.00), and a little organizer tray that I put all of my metal findings and beads in for making purses and stuff ($1.00). Even Eth got a bag to put under his new table saw for wood chip collecting ($2.50). Quite a nice stash of stuff for only $10.50! Target is definitely in my top five all time favorite stores. Sometimes I think I could live there. If zombies ever attack, I'm going to barricade inside Target for sure.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

I'm there with ya. I have a plan already in place! We should have enough clean water and food to survive a long time. We will just have to secure the store from zombie intrusion as well as outsiders.

Alison said...

Target sounds marvellous. I wish we had them here in the UK!